Plastic Extrusion Facility Conversion

A 50,000-ft2 warehouse facility was converted into a "showcase," state of the art, global headquarter for custom color matching. IPD engineering and construction responsibilities included architectural, civil, structural, process, mechanical, electrical, and automation services for:
• Office and Showroom space
o New showroom, lobby, offices and meeting rooms
o New cafeteria, locker rooms and restroom facilities
o Laboratory space
• Production areas
o Raw material storage and cold storage -0.4°F (-18°C) areas
o New extruders, molders, process equipment and drying systems
o Process utilities (plant air, water, vacuum, communications, etc)
o HVAC, exhaust, fume, and dust collection systems
o Raw material feed systems
o Foundations, underground trenching, sumps, pipe racks, access platforms
o New electrical service, switchgear, transformers, AK distribution center.
o New utility control panels, motor control centers, UPS, fire protection systems    and lighting.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade

IPD engineered a phosphate removal system for the process-water discharge of a 250 MW cogeneration facility. The project included installation of reagent tanks, secondary containment, flocculent storage and mixing, piping, and system controls. Pumping and flow requirements were analyzed and a piping system was designed for wastewater, caustic acid, polymer and calcium chloride handling. In addition, positive displacement chemical metering pumps and fiberglass chemical storage tanks were specified and installed. Construction management was provided for civil tank foundations and secondary containment systems, structural steel pipe supports, agitators, access platforms and equipment supports, and electrical installation of power feeds, control wiring, control panels to the designated NEC code requirements and designated area classification.

Cogeneration Boiler Plant P&ID As-built

IPD created ISA standard P&ID (piping and instrument diagrams) drawings of all boiler control instrumentation and system components for a cogeneration power plant. The system was installed with full pneumatic operation and later upgraded with IP converters and additional digital and analog control however, no control drawings existed. The P&ID drawing set included gas feed systems, back-up fuel oil systems, utility condensate systems, boiler blow-down systems, a steam main distribution system, boiler trim systems, a steam injection fuel oil/atomizing steam distribution system, etc.

Plastic Extrusion Line Installation

IPD engineered a complete production extrusion line for the manufacture of advanced resin plastics. The project included the addition of four new raw material feed systems installed on four levels of the production facility. New equipment, structural steel support frames, foundations, chemical process piping and pressure vessels were designed. Additionally, a complete control system upgrade was performed. IPD developed design drawings and bid packages for the mechanical, vessel and structural disciplines and supervised the steel, equipment, piping, and concrete foundation installations.

Bulk Material Storage and Transfer System

IPD designed and installed a product storage silo farm for raw material distribution. The engineering package included pneumatic transfer systems and distribution piping to elevated material bins. IPD interlocked the controls and instrumentation with existing unloading vessels and a truck tipper unloading system. Construction management and system commissioning was part of the project scope.

Railcar Loading System

A finished product, bulk transfer station and tanker truck loading system was designed and installed by IPD. The designed called for plastic pellets to be transferred to a vacuum receiver and pellet storage bin and then pneumatically transferred to a tanker truck loading system for transport to the Client's customers. Automated controls and weigh systems were designed and installed. The vacuum transfer system and pressure vessels were designed per ASME Section VIII and the vessel support structures were designed to the applicable AISC code requirements.

Process Chiller Installation

IPD replaced an obsolete chiller unit with a new reciprocating screw chiller. An existing building was retrofitted with a new foundation for the skid-mounted unit. IPD evaluated the flow capacity of the existing pumping system and developed piping drawings for the chiller system tie-in. Pressure relief valves for chiller components were specified in accordance with API 520 and ASHRAE Code 15 specifications. Additionally, a pipe support rack with new foundation footers and structural steel was installed.

High Pressure Reactor Wash System

IPD engineered a 10,000-PSI, high-pressure, retractable, spray nozzle system to clean the inside of a chemical reactor. The system included a positive displacement pump and high-pressure piping designed in accordance with ASME B31.1 power piping standards. A custom reaction pipe support system was designed and liquid die penetration and radiograph tests of pipe welds were conducted.

Sulfuric Acid Delivery System

IPD designed and installed a sulfuric acid tanker unloading and delivery system that automatically dispenses acid for neutralization of 2 million gallons of wastewater per day. A process control philosophy was developed for: delivery truck procedures, system safety requirements and interlocks, a nitrogen purge system for corrosion resistance and controlling the reactivity of sulfuric acid with oxygen, and delivery system automated controls. MSDS sheets and environmental permits were filed. IPD designed the piping to ASME B31.3 process piping standards and conducted liquid die penetration and radiography tests on pipe welds. Within the scope of work, IPD specified instrumentation, expedited delivery of equipment, supervised construction, and performed trouble-shooting and debug during system start up.

Bag Unloading Building

IPD designed and installed a new building and raw material super-sack unloading/transfer system. IPD served as project manager and provided all detailed engineering services for the foundation design, structural steel and building design, process control and electrical design, and mechanical system design.

Tanker Wash –Down Facility

An automated wash-down station was designed for product tanker trucks. This included a catwalk, installation of three overhead monorails, high-pressure water pump and piping system, water holding tank, blower air-drying system, and PLC logic controllers. The system also included an integral floor drain system, and pellet separation sumps. The system can wash and dry tankers to prepare them for shipment of product.

Fall Protection - Safety System

IPD developed a fall protection plan, and specified equipment in compliance with OSHA and NFPA Regulations. IPD can provide a cost-effective and user-friendly fall protection system for any safety application.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

Multiple projects have been completed using the design-build approach for FRP structures. FRP is typically used in harsh chemical environments or wherever traditional steel members cannot be used. IPD has extensive experience with the design and application of this material.

Therminol Heat Exchanger System Upgrade

A therminol heat transfer system was evaluated and upgraded to address pump failures that were significantly reducing productivity. IPD performed computer modeled stress and flow analyses of the mechanical system to identify the sources of pump failure. The analyses were used to design and specify new expansion, support and pump/piping systems. Upon return to service, the system operated at the required operating point and completely eliminated the costly failures

Methanol Heat Exchanger Replacement

Existing process heat exchangers were not providing the proper heat transfer for a chemical process and no documentation was available for evaluation. An engineering study was conducted by IPD to size the heat transfer system, steam flow and controls, ASME Section VIII heat exchangers, and relief valves per API 520 and ASME standards. A heat exchanger fabrication bid was awarded from the drawing specifications. Contracts were awarded for the disconnection and removal of the existing heat exchangers, rigging and installation of the new heat exchangers and piping, and the relocation of steam control valves.

Treated Fill Kettle Production Control Upgrade

A 500+ point production system was automated with fieldbus and Delta V controls. The entire process was evaluated and documented on P&IDs. Existing valves and instruments were surveyed and specified for replacement for the automation. Instruments included: limit switches, temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, level switches, flow meters, temperature switches, etc. Motor elementary, field bus, conduit, and power plans were developed. Detailed loop drawings were generated conforming to the plant standards for all of the Emergency Shutdown pushbuttons with dual contact switches fed to the Safety Shutdown PLC panel and the new Delta V control panel. New IFC panels and UPS (Un-interruptible Power Supply) were designed and specified.

Manufacturing Facility Automation

IPD engineered the upgrade of ten outdated, local, manually operated programmable logic controllers (PLC) to a centralized, automated system that increased productivity and plant yield. An “As-Built” piping and instrument diagram was generated for each system. Next, IPD interfaced with the Client’s operation team and process safety management group to generate a new control philosophy for each system. New PLC panels, power distribution wiring, and control wiring was included within the design scope of work. IPD was then retained to supervise and coordinate the installation of the new control systems. At the end, each system was connected to a common human machine interface (HMI) that was used to centrally control all plant processes and data acquisition.

Clinker Reclamation System

A client in the cement industry had excess clinker (a by product of the kiln fuel) that they realized could be added to one of their products. IPD designed a system that incorporated a radial stacker, weigh belt feeders and custom hoppers to convey the clinker from a storage area to the production belt. This project created a new revenue stream with a short-term payback.

Parking Lot Design

IPD was retained by a Client to address issues with limited parking space and vehicle access areas. The existing parking area and building was surveyed and a general plot plan was created. Three proposed parking expansion plans were developed and presented for review. Included with the designs were asphalt paving and concrete sidewalk details for construction.

Monorail Design

IPD performed a structural analysis in accordance with AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) methods to determine if a monorail could be supported from the existing roof members of a building. Based on design load criteria provided by the customer, the allowable bending stress and allowable tensile stress (for hanger type connections) was evaluated. The monorail sizing was achieved by using similar AISC methods. Design drawings were generated to show member size and connection details to the existing roof steel. Additionally, a hoist & trolley assembly was specified.

O2 Online Analyzer

IPD installed an online oxygen analyzer that uses RAMAN Laser technology on four Reactor Effluent streams. The design included fiber optic cable runs to each Reactor analyzer probe, communication lines from the analyzer building to the plant computer room, and installation of a SoftPLC with communication lines to the DCS.

Strand Dryer Fabrication

IPD was retained by a Client in the plastics industry to design and fabricate strand dryers for installation at the end of the water baths on their extrusion lines. The custom, detailed design included component and sheet metal fabrication drawings, assembly drawings, and an installation package. Utilizing air knives, rollers, and automated positioning equipment, the units increased drying capability of the plastic strands prior to the pelletizing process. The equipment increased production capability and has become the site standard for all extrusion lines.