Our staff of engineers can evaluate your energy usage and demands for all types of systems: The first step is a client interview and system identification. Next, a formal energy analysis report is completed with returns on investment and a simple payback plan. Finally, opportunities for potential government grant funding are identified and applications are submitted.

 Sample Saving Chart / Motor HP
The chart below illustrates potential savings from an energy audit based on the total project HP reduction
Governing Equation Motor Efficiency h =0.93

* Based on 8760 runs hours / year

 Energy Audits
Steam Systems
Cooling Water Systems
Fuel Switching
Heat Recovery
HVAC Systems
Fuel Cell Applications
Compressed Air Systems
HP Reduction - Dollar Savings Per Year
$/ KwH 25 hp 50 hp 100 hp 150 hp 200 hp 500 hp 1000 hp
$0.06 $10,540 $21,081 $42,161 $63,242 $84,322 $210,805 $421,610
$0.07 $12,297 $25,594 $49,188 $73,782 $98,376 $245,939 $491,879